Today, Jihlavan delivers components for a number of domestic and international aircraft companies. Historically, it participated in producing aircraft that were developed in Czechoslovakia by companies like Aero Vodochody or Let Kunovice. A new chapter of the company and its further development has been opened by projects for Airbus, one of the two major aircraft manufacturers in the world.

Airbus transport airplanes

Jihlavan jako výhradní dodavatel pojistek a ventilů do většiny letounů typu Airbus
Large commercial

Airbus is one of two major world manufacturers of civil transport aircraft. In 2016, the company employed more than 72,000 people all over the world, and in the same year it celebrated its 10,000th manufactured aircraft. 

  • Hydraulic safety locks are fittings preventing mass leakage or loss of hydraulic fluid in the circuit.
  • They are one of the most numerous components in an aircraft, usually 10 to 15 pcs per aircraft. Thus, annual consumption of their respective types reaches thousands of pieces.

Jihlavan is a single-source supplier of 14 types of hydraulic safety locks and valves for most Airbus aircraft types.