JIHLAVAN has at its disposal top-class technical facilities and highly qualified specialists. The know-how represented by our employees and the system, process and customer certifications we have gained helps us offer a full spectrum of activities and services. Development, production, assembly, final testing and servicing are performed for a vast range of aircraft hydraulic and electromechanical devices.
In developing and producing aircraft hydraulic units, we are the only company of our kind in Central Europe with such equipment and competencies.



We have design know-how in the following areas:

  • Hydraulic devices for undercarriages
  • Hydraulic devices for flight control
  • Hydraulic devices for brakes
  • Hydropneumatic dampers
  • Electromechanical flight control trim EMA
  • Brakes
  • Wheels


  • Refurbishing existing devices
  • Design of new devices
  • Creation of 3D models
  • Calculations in MKP Nastran
  • Design work is executed using Catia V5-6R2014 and NX3 (Unigraphics) software.
  • Capability category Development


Jihlavan has the technology and skill to conduct tests of civil and military aviation hydraulic (pneumatic) devices, and hydraulic devices for general use.


Endurance tests of the complete hydraulic system
Endurance tests of devices under pressures of up to 32 MPa and a supply of hydraulic fluid up to 80 l/min
Tests under decreased temperature up to –60 °C
Tests under increased temperature up to +120 °C
Tests under decreased atmospheric pressure up to 100 mbar
Tests with saline mist
Strength tests by hydraulic fluid with static pressure up to 100 MPa
Vibration tests – sinusoidal vibrations, random vibrations on a 4-kW vibrator (5 to 4,500 Hz, max 94 g)
Impact test – multiple, single impacts (17 to 180 impacts/min, impact duration 0.5 to 10 ms, max. 20 kg)
Functional tests of hydraulic aircraft units (devices) by HyJet IV – A Plus fluid under pressure up to 33 MPa (static pressure up to 50 MPa) and supply of hydraulic fluid up to 65 l/min


In the past, Jihlavan has participated in significant projects related to the development of hydraulic devices and systems for the L-29, L-39 and L-159 aircraft in military aviation, and the L-410, L-610, Ae-270 and EV-55 in civil aviation.


The project was supported by the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade, which influenced the commercial and marketing parameters of the aircraft. The final aircraft OEM of the project has become the engineering office Evektor, which does not have any mass manufacturing capacities.

At the end of 1990s, Jihlavan was selected by final aircraft OEM Aero Vodochody as a supplier of most of the hydraulic power devices for the light combat L159 ALCA aircraft. The project was commercially supported by an order of 72 aircraft, placed by the Czech Ministry of Defense.

Jihlavan was a development partner in the Technometra group at the end of the 1960s for most power hydraulic devices of this aircraft.

For the first generation of aircraft, Jihlavan was a development partner for all hydraulic power devices within the Technometra group at the end of 1960s. Today, Jihlavan continues to provide service and spare parts for a fleet comprising approx. 700 aircraft.


The development of L39NG projects is currently under way. The L410NG project has been successfully completed.


Jihlavan is building on the successfully implemented L410 project with its development of components for new generation aircraft. For the L410 NG aircraft we have developed 12 devices for the undercarriage in a modern stainless steel design, power-assisted steering of the nose undercarriage, and flight control trim EMA for flaps and ailerons. In total, Jihlavan is developing 15 devices for this particular aircraft.

Follow-up development is also being undertaken for the new generation of L39 aircraft. This comprehensive task includes designing 42 devices.